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Here are answers to some of my most frequently asked questions.
Does it make any difference in cost whether I drop off in the morning or evening?
No--I charge by the night your pet stays.  example:  two days--one night charge.
What happens if my dog gets sick while we are gone?
I take your pet to your designated veterinarian, provided it is here in Hutchinson and during open hours.  If need be--we can use the emergency after hours and that depends on which veterinarian is on call.
When do we pay?
I prefer the boarding fee be paid when you check-out.  Sometimes your stay is either cut short, or extended.  Pets are not allowed to leave until the fee is paid--NO CREDIT!
Does it cost less if we bring our own food?
No--we do provide food for those not on special diets.  You can bring your own if your guy has a sensitive stomach.
Do you keep pets for longer than over night?
Yes--I board for however long you need to be away from your pet.  The cost per night is the same whether it is one night, one week or one month.
Does it cost less if I have you keep 2 dogs in the same run?
No--I give a multiple pet discount of 10% off the regular boarding rate whether your dogs stay in the same space or individual space.
How far ahead do I need to make my reservation?
I book full a month ahead of time for all Holidays.  During the summer about 2 weeks ahead.  Let me know as soon as you do.  I just require you to change or cancel 24 hours in advance.
Do I need to bring my vaccination records with me everytime my pet is boarded?
No--I keep a file on each boarder.  When you update at your veterinarians--you'll need to bring me a new copy.
If I reserve early--should I call and confirm when time gets closer?
No--I send you paperwork in the mail, or by e-mail.  A boarding contract and a form for you to fill out giving me information about who to contact in the event of emergency, feeding and medication instructions, likes-dislikes etc. And, of course, confirming the dates I have you scheduled.
Do you give medications and does it cost more?
Yes--I give any meds needed with no additional charge.  I have pill boxes or you can bring your own from home.
If my pet needs to visit the vet or the groomer while in your care, is it possible for you to take it.
Yes--I offer a Shuttle Service for a $15 fee within the city limits.
Do you board all sizes and temperments of dogs?
Yes--If your pet is aggressive to strangers--I allow you to place your pet in its own run.  Some pets don't want to adjust to being in new surroundings.  We make sure they are fed and kept clean.  
My dog is spoiled and doesn't eat dog food--just people food.  Can I bring my own?
Yes--I use a refrigerator and have a microwave to help prepare food daily. Bring instructions.
My dog is old and not in very good health.  What happens if it passes while I am gone?
If it is something your are worried about--maybe best boarding with your veterinarian, as boarding does bring on stress.  Let us know your concerns and what to do if the occasion were to arise.
I don't want my pet to be caged all the time it is being boarded--will it ever get out of its cage?
Yes--crated or caged pets are outside with others the same size and temperment most of the morning and evenings(weather permitting).  If they don't like interacting with others--we have seperate outdoor holding cages.
Do you do any grooming?
Only baths and nail trims.  Your pet will get a free bath with a 14 night stay.
What is  a Dike Hike?
I am located next to Harshal Canal.  There is  a nice paved walking trail that follows the water. The walk takes 15-30 minutes depending on the weather and how well your pet friend likes it. You get a free dike hike with a 7 night stay.