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This is my Pet Hotel where I charge $18 per night.  A free dike hike comes with a 7-night stay .  A 14-night stay includes both the dike hike and a free bath
Year 2007 the chain link fence was replace with an 8' privacy fence.  One can no longer see pets inside the fenced area. 

The front service area of the Pet Hotel holds several individual cages and crates that are used for the smaller, shyer pets.  Some are let out several times a day to do their 'business'.  During nice days they are out most of the mornings and back inside for their afternoon naps--then outside again in the evening.  These rates are: $16 per night also including a free dike hike with a 7-night  stay, free dike hike and bath with a 14-night stay.

                       Some folks want their pet-friends to stay in their own crates.

Some  are able to stay outside under the pet shelter during the afternoon and enjoy watching others (weather permitting).
  Then we have our 3-tiered cat condos located in the office area at $14 per night.

.Check-in or check-out on Sundays or Holidays require an additional $25 charge.

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                          Kansas Animal Health Department Liscence #K-149-11

                                     City of Hutchinson  KS Permit